: Militant forces keep attacking Ukrainian positions along contact line
Politics18:23 Aug. 5, 2016

Militant forces keep attacking Ukrainian positions along contact line

The hottest points are neighbouring towns of Maryinka, Krasnohorivka, and Avdiyivka industrial zone

At least seven Ukrainian soldiers have been wounded during the last night close to the occupied territories of Donetsk and neighbouring Horlivka. Apart from these two battle points, Russian-backed separatist forces attempted to approach Ukrainian positions in Adviyivka industrial zone, Maryinka, and Krasnohorivka, all of them in Donetsk region.

Terrorists started with Maryinka lying to the west of Donetsk. The attacks are reported to have begun at the same time as usual, at 8 p.m. National Guard fighters report the enemy uses rifles, as well as machine-guns and grenades, firing from both sides simultaneously. Ukrainian command permits to return the fire.

"Chorny", company commander of battalion "Donbas-Ukraine": "We have responded with large-calibre machine-guns. One more automatic grenade launcher is underway in case they fire us again."

The fighters of the battalion "Donbas-Ukraine" have been defending Maryinka for several months already. Russian-backed separatist forces do not give up their efforts to kick out the Ukrainian army, providing regular shelling, mortar attacks, and sniper fire.

All of a sudden Maryinka plunges into darkness - the electricity turns off. The power lines have been supposedly struck, either by lightning or by missile. The soldiers have no time to figure out the reason as the fighting continues.

The battle stops suddenly, the same as it has started. Russian-backed militants schedule not only their attacks, but the ceasefire as well. Ukrainian fighters put off their body armours and go for a cup of coffee.

National Guard fighters say the enemy is everywhere. Russian-backed terrorists recruit the local residents who help them or disguise themselves as those living in Maryinka.

"Var", fighter of "Donbas-Ukraine" battalion: "Some of the local residents provide the terrorists with any help they need. For instance, they may simply pass pretending not to notice us, but we see they are filming us on their mobile phones. We tried to catch some of them, but with no result."

Despite numerous attempts, the enemy has never succeeded in seizing Ukrainian positions in Maryinka. This is why, the Ukrainian servicemen say, they cannot grasp why the terrorists continue shelling the town with no result. What is most important - there have been no losses in Ukrainian army overnight. Three of the soldiers have been lightly shell-shocked. However, they claim that the injuries are minor, therefore, no medical aid is needed. A bit of rest, and they are set to return to the battle front. 

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