News from Ukraine: Militants keep tanks, rocket launchers near Makiyivka and Donetsk - Ukraine intel

17:02 Jul. 31, 2016

Militants keep tanks, rocket launchers near Makiyivka and Donetsk - Ukraine intel

A pro-Russian rebel smokes on top of a tank close to Debaltseve on February 18, 2015, near Vuglegirsk, Ukraine (Getty Images)

Recently Kremlin deployed another batch of tanks, armoured vehicles to eastern Ukraine 

Ukrainian intelligence officers notified the OSCE observers of militant tanks, artillery systems, self-propelled guns and 122-mm Grad multiple rocket launching systems stationed in the Donbas conflict zone, near the separatist-controlled towns of Kreminets, Yasne, Oleksandrynka, Makiyivka, Donetsk and Novosvitlivka. 

This was reported by Main Intelligence Directorate at Ukraine's Defence Ministry on Facebook.

"The enemy support military readiness, conduct rotation, enhance their advanced units, replenish ammunition and improve the frontline engineering equipment", reads the statement.

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Near Novokyivka (the Luhansk region), militants plant mines along the forefront of the 2nd separate motorized rifle brigade.

In the direction of Donetsk, militants replenish leading echelons of the 11th motorized rifle regiment (the militant-held town of Makiyivka) of Russia's 1st Army Corps (Donetsk). Also, militants plan to enhance their new positions with advanced units of the 100th separate motorized rifle brigade (Donetsk) of Russia's 1st Army Corps. 

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On July 30, Ukrainian military officials reported that Russia deployed another convoy of ammunition and military equipment to militants in eastern Ukraine.

"Six wagons with ammunition and platforms carrying military hardware were sent to Khartsysk (the militant-held town in Donetsk region) - a total of eight tanks and four armoured personnel carriers were transported," military spokesman Andriy Lysenko said.

Another convoy from Russia crossed the checkpoint Izvaryne in the militant-controlled Luhansk region. The convoy comprised 19 tanks, 11 armoured combat vehicles, Grad multiple-launch rocket systems, three self-propelled guns, 44 trucks with ammunition and 34 fuel trucks.

10,000 Ukrainians were killed by ‘Russian-terrorist forces' over the past two years, since the conflict in the Donbas region broke out, recently reported Ukraine's Defence Council. More than 20,000 have been wounded and 1.8 million forced to flee their homes.

Three or four Russian military brigades, comprising about 10,000 regular servicemen, are currently involved in the hostilities in the Donbas conflict zone. Nearly 40,000 Russian soldiers are stationed near the Ukraine-Russia border, according to Stratfor analysts.

According to Ukraine's Intelligence Department, the militant group keeps increasing near the (Ukrainian) border. By 2018, the (Russian) contingent will consist of about 70,000 troops, Ukrainian officials say.

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