: Militants kill Russian regular officer in Donbas

14:00 Jul. 4, 2016

Militants kill Russian regular officer in Donbas

A pro-Russian rebel takes aim at a firing position at a check point not far from Donetsk airport in the city of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014 (AP Photo)

Another striking evidence of Russian invasion in eastern Ukraine

Ukrainian intelligence officials confirm that Russian regular officer Alexander Bushuev - Colonel of the 7th motorized rifle brigade - was killed near Khartsyzsk, in the militant-occupied Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine.

He got blown up by a powerful claymore-type mine as he was heading with his own safeguards for Donetsk.

Prior to that, some (militant) commanders of individual units threatened to 'give Bushuev a fair judgment'.

According to Ukraine's intelligence, they were outraged by Colonel Bushuev's chaotic and erroneous actions, which made the 7th motorized rifle brigade suffer heavy casualties on June 29-30.

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"Being unaware of the frontline situation and losing control over the advanced units near Sanzharovka, Luhanske, on June 29 Colonel Bushuyev submitted a false report on Ukrainian soldiers' large-scale offensive", the statement reads


Alexander Bushuev, politic.pp.ua 

As a result, the 7th motorized rifle brigade got under shelling. Then, to evade any internal conflict within the brigade, militant commanders of the 2nd Army Corps suspended Bushuev from his duties and sent him on a business trip to Donetsk.

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"The mine blast (a mine trap) killed Colonel Alexander Bushuev and heavily injured his two guards (servicemen of Russia's Special Armed Forces)", Ukrainian officials say.

Along with other Russian military, Colonel Alexander Bushuyev was in charge of militant forces in the Donbas region.

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