Minsk talks: Minsk: Russia ignores ‘inconvenient' issues

20:53 Nov. 29, 2016

Minsk: Russia ignores ‘inconvenient' issues

Normandy Four talks with leaders of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia in Minsk (by Iryna Gerashchenko)

No agreement on the withdrawal of Russian troops, Klimkin on the results of Minsk talks

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that no agreements reached on the withdrawal of Russian troops from the occupied territory of Donbas, as well as on the introduction of armed police mission, UNIAN reports.

At a press briefing after foreign ministers of ‘Normandy format' talks in Minsk Minister summarized: "We can't say about any encouraging results, unfortunately..."

"There is no agreement on any of the fundamental issues. And this will probably be right. There is no agreement on the issue of control and effective monitoring of the uncontrolled section of the Ukrainian-Russian border by the OSCE. There is no agreement on the effective access of OSCE everywhere in Donbas. There is no agreement on the withdrawal of Russian troops and Russian mercenaries, weapons... And there is no desire to do it right now," Klimkin said.

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In turn, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov assured that there was no discussion of those issues. "The question (of paramilitary OSCE mission in Donbas – UT) is no longer relevant, such a need does not exist. Today nobody talked about it. Nobody even thinks about any military mission of the OSCE or any other structure, which is periodically mentioned in Kyiv," Putin's diplomat obscurely stated.

Ukrainian humanitarian envoy to the Trilateral Contact Group Iryna Gerashchenko gave the explanation of this contradiction. Lavrov in Minsk just ignored all "inconvenient" questions, she wrote on Facebook.

"The minister Lavrov answers all the uncomfortable questions, that humanitarian or security issues are not his competence, and insists only on discussing political bloc. That is the whole truth about the position of Russia, which is not nor interested in a cease-fire or a release of hostages, but only on amnesty (for the militants - UT)", Gerashchenko clarified

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