Moldova presidential elections: Moldova's historical choice: Half a million cast their ballot, elderly voters most active

12:29 Oct. 30, 2016

Moldova's historical choice: Half a million cast their ballot, elderly voters most active

Moldovan elections (by

Moldovans elect president for 1st time in 20 years, before this day the leader of the state was elected by Parliament

Almost 506.123 voters had cast their ballot before 11 o'clock local time in Moldova's presidential election, which made 17,18% of all electors, informs.

Elderly voters were reported highly active on previous hour. presented the profile of the Moldovan having voted on that time According to the Central Electoral Commission:

5.84 % aged 18-25;

17.21 % - 26-40,

26.88 % - 41-55,

39,06 % - 56-70 and

11 % older than 71 years.

Men show to be more active, making 52% of all voters.

For this election, the Central Election Commission had accredited 3,764 observers, of which 3202-national observers and 562 – international observers.

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Promo-LEX, a Moldovan monitoring NGO, has presented information about incidents having taken place at polling stations. 

According to NGO, 1% of observers have found difficulties in reaching the polling stations: they either were asked for additional documents or were not allowed to monitor the procedure of opening the polling stations. Some ballot boxes were not duly sealed, other polling stations opened later.

According to the Promo-LEX observations, only 64% of the stations are properly endowed to enable the voting by disabled people. Another irregularity is said to be presence of unjustified people near polling stations.

Citizens eligible to vote, residing in Transnistrian region, will vote in 30 polling stations. More than 2.83 million. citizens entitled to vote are registered on the basic electoral lists. The first preliminary data on the results will be presented at 22.00. p.m. local time in Moldova.

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Moldovans began voting Sunday for a president in an election that could move the former Soviet republic closer to Europe or push it back into Russia's orbit, AP stresses.

It is the first time in 20 years citizens have directly voted for their president in a country where many are angry about high-level corruption. Both the European Union together with the U.S. and Russia seek to have more influence over the impoverished agricultural landlocked nation of 3.5 million, located between EU member Romania and Ukraine.

The favorite of the nine candidates running for the post is Igor Dodon, a pro-Moscow figure who heads the Socialists' Party and who has tapped into widespread dissatisfaction with the pro-European government.

Ex-World Bank economist Maia Sandu is the preferred option for those who want Moldova to join the European mainstream. If no candidate wins a majority, there will be a runoff on Nov. 13.

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