Ukraine's military intelligence new logo: Moscow outraged by new logo of Ukraine's Defense Intelligence

15:11 Oct. 30, 2016

Moscow outraged by new logo of Ukraine's Defense Intelligence

Petro Poroshenko presenting a new chief of Ukraine's Defense Intelligence (Photo: Ukraine's President website)

The emblem depicts an owl aiming its sword at the Russian territory

Russia is indignant about the new emblem of Ukraine's Defense Intelligence of the Defense Ministry.

The picture shows an owl holding a sword which penetrates the territory of Russia. Around the picture, a motto reads in Latin "Sapiens dominabitur astris" which means "The wise will dominate stars".

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Dmitriy Rogozin, Russia's Vice Prime Minister, called the new emblem "idiotic" and hinted that the Intelligence's motto "Ukraine above all else" reminds him of Nazi Germany of 1930s.

The Russian Foreign Ministry representative, Maria Zakharova, wrote on her Facebook page the following: "One more problem added up to all others in Ukraine – ornithological. Probably, when all golden eagles (referring to the police special force dissolved after the Maidan tragic events – "Berkut", a name in Ukrainian) left Ukraine, owls had to take up arms".

Some other Russian political figures, in particular, Vitaliy Milonov, State Duma's MP, think it is a military challenge from Ukraine and demand an explanation from the Ukrainian side. 

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Ukrainian military and political journalist Dmytro Tymchuk replied to the Russian resentment.

"Russian media became very excited about the photo of Ukraine's President presenting a new chief of the Defense Intelligence. They saw there the emblem where an owl "piercing Russia with a sword". Let us tell them: an owl in the wild eats bats, and a bat is a symbol of the Russian military intelligence", Tymchuk wrote on his Facebook page. 

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