: MPs delegation from France visiting annexed Crimea

16:43 Jul. 29, 2016

MPs delegation from France visiting annexed Crimea

MPs delegation from France visiting annexed Crimea

It is the second French parliamentary visit to occupied peninsula

The delegation consisting of 11 French MPs is coming to occupied Crimea for July 29-31, the second time since July 2015.

According to Deutsche Welle, it is headed by Thierry Mariani, the member of the National Assembly of France.

"The delegation will include those who visited Crimea last time as well as six people who have not been to Crimea before. I think it demonstrates that sanctions imposed against Russia, including the opinion of those, who have already visited Crimea, proved to be inefficient", Mariani said while talking to the Russia's parliament speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

Since the delegation's previous visit to the peninsula, Ukraine's Security Service has banned the entry to the country for Thierry Mariani and all other delegation members for three years. However, it won't stop them from arriving in Crimea, because they take a flight to the annexed region through Moscow.

Ukraine's Ambassador to France Oleh Shamshur says he is indignant at the visit.

"As for me, it goes far beyond the understanding and responsible behavior of a politician. Especially, considering the role of the Black Sea Fleet in the annexation of Crimea", the Ukrainian diplomat claimed.

Oleh Shamshur highly welcomes the official statement of French authorities that do not support the French MPs visit Crimea, and thanks Paris for its efforts in resolving the Donbas conflict.

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