Military training: Multinational Brigade workshop held in Lublin (photos)

17:28 Sep. 29, 2016

Multinational Brigade workshop held in Lublin (photos)

Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command training, September 27, 2016, Lublin, Poland

Illinois National Guard experts share experience with LITPOLUKRBRIG Command soldiers

Representatives of Illinois National Guard held two weeks long Military Decision Making Process running operations workshop for soldiers with Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade Command in Lublin.


During the learning period, a team of experts under command of Colonel Gregory Ota shared their valuable experience in planning and conducting successful crisis-response operations. During the first week, the Multinational Brigade officers and non-commissioned members were discussing theoretical matters. This week the participants deployed a command post in the HQ Battalion and ran a simulation of the pre-deployment phase.


"This is a collaborative effort. We deliver to the participants the US Army way of Military Decision Making. For training purposes, we use a realistic scenario where we take into consideration every detail. During this workshop, LITPOLUKRBRIG personnel has been learning from us, and Illinois National Guard officers learn from Lithuanian, Polish, Ukrainian soldiers" stated Colonel Gregory Ota.


According to Colonel Zenon Brzuszko, Commander of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade, this workshop is a fruitful contribution on the growth of professionalism, sharpening skills and developing a common vision on operational processes among the LITPOLUKRBRIG personnel.


"The Multinational Brigade Command shall achieve the Full Operational Capability until the end of this year. We are going to be thoroughly assessed on the ability to plan operations and run affiliated units throughout the missions. The knowledge and expertise of our American partners help us to review and reconsider LITPOLUKRBRIG procedures, improve our developments and prepare for the evaluation during COMMON CHALLENGE Exercise in December" added Colonel Volodymyr Yudanov, Deputy commander.


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