: Nadiya Savchenko: "We need to feed our army, otherwise we'll have to feed someone else's"

18:18 Jun. 22, 2016

Nadiya Savchenko: "We need to feed our army, otherwise we'll have to feed someone else's"

Nadiya Savchenko, the member of Ukrainian delegation in PACE, attends a meeting in Strasbourg on June 21, 2016 (UNIAN photo)

Ukrainian MP shares her view on the prospects for Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration 

People's Deputy of Ukraine, member of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defense Nadia Savchenko, who was recently released from Russian captivity, shared with UNIAN her view on the prospects for Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration and told us of her impression from taking part in the work of PACE and the Ukrainian Parliament.

What is your opinion on Ukraine's possible NATO membership?

In 2006, when I was a cadet at the Air Force University in Kharkiv, the issue of Ukraine joining NATO was raised as well. Then I stood against this option for I believed that Ukraine, if entering any partnership, should do so on an equal footing. At that time, we did not meet NATO standards and were not moving fast enough in that direction. That's why I believed it would be an unequal partnership. Now that Ukraine is on its path to Europe, we need to communicate on all platforms, including on the NATO platform.

Does this mean you support the idea of Ukraine's membership in NATO?

Yes, I do. If we are able to raise the level of our army to NATO standards by 2020, then we can go for an accession.

The need for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to meet NATO standards by 2020 is declared by the country's leadership. As a person who saw the army from the inside, do you think it's accomplishable?

Is it possible to accomplish by 2020? Right now, this can be done, as never before. This can really be done if we launch the reform really quick, if the oligarchs realize quickly that they need to share their money, if the [procedure] will be properly drawn of special confiscation, if the money starts flowing into the budget which has been looted, and if the laws will be implemented on reforms in the Armed Forces... Our people are ready to move up to the international level of the very construction of the army and logistics. The only question is whether we have the political will and, most importantly, whether there a desire to give more than take.

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