News from Ukraine: Nadiya Savchenko to stop eating again

14:32 Aug. 2, 2016

Nadiya Savchenko to stop eating again

Nadiya Savchenko (UNIAN Photo)

Ukrainian MP protests against officials' inactivity to help release Ukrainians from captivity

On August 2, Nadiya Savchenko, Ukrainian MP, delegate to PACE and military pilot (recently released and brought back from Russia to Ukraine), announced she is going on a hunger strike to protest against Ukraine's government and international community failure to help release Ukrainian political prisoners (held in Russia or in the militant-held regions in eastern Ukraine).

She said that at a press conference in Kyiv, on August 2.

"I tried many methods to fight for guys (Ukrainian prisoners) like the whole world was fighting for me. Now I will fight for them like I fought for myself. One of the tools for accelerating (my) release was a hunger strike over the Ukrainian government inaction. Today I again declare that I am going on a hunger strike to protest the failure of authorities all over the world to help release Ukrainians held in captivity", Savchenko said.

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However, later Savchenko said that she had her breakfast today and will stop eating tomorrow, August 3. She will continue her hunger strike until Ukrainian hostages are freed.

"I will continue my hunger strike until I see a positive result. My hunger strike is the first thing I can do to facilitate the prisoner swap procedure. I hope this will take not months or years - I hope these processes will start much faster," added Savchenko.

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"I am going on this hunger strike to make the international community and Ukrainian authorities do something to help release Ukrainian political and war prisoners," Savchenko said.

She added that it had been two months and six days since she was released from Russian captivity.

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She also urged mothers of those who are or were held in Russian captivity to join the rally which will take place at the Presidential Administration on August 8.

Nadiya Savchenko declared a number of hunger strikes during her nearly two years in Russian captivity.

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