: NATO military drills 'Noble Jump' kick off in Poland

15:27 May. 17, 2016

NATO military drills 'Noble Jump' kick off in Poland

Tanks of the Polish and German armed forces participate in the NATO ‘Noble Jump’ military exercises of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Forces (VJTF) on June 18, 2015 in Zagan, Poland. (GettyImages)

1, 500 soldiers of High Readiness Joint Task Forces to participate in manoeuvres

NATO military drills 'Noble Jump' kicked off in Western Poland on Tuesday, May 17th.

1,500 soldiers of Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) from Poland, Spain, and Great Britain are set to participate in the 10-days manoeuvres along with 500 units of military equipment under the Allied Joint Force Command from the town of Brunssum in the Netherlands.

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The 'Noble Jump' drills are aimed at disciplining the NATO's capability of drastically deploying the armed forces and armoured equipment to the potential threat area, in particular - transferring the High Readiness Joint Task Forces to Poland. Since the operations requires additional conduct and coordinating staff, the multinational military corps 'North-East' from Polish city of Szczecin is set to assist in accepting the troopers and providing them with necessary facilities.

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It is the second time NATO conducts joint drills of the VJTF spearhed forces created in 2014 during the regular Alliance summit. Actual maneuvres are tightly connected to 'Anaconda-2016', starting reportedly on June 7th. Featuring 31,000 militants from 19 NATO member states the drills are aimed at elaborating the means of informational and cyber security, as well as conducting a range of tasks at sea and in the air. Ukraine is also set to participate in the manoeuvres along with 6 other partner states from 'The Partnership for Peace'.

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