: NATO prepares to offer Georgia and Ukraine an 'Association Partnership'

17:32 Nov. 4, 2015

NATO prepares to offer Georgia and Ukraine an 'Association Partnership'

A NATO flag flies from Cardiff Castle as preparations continue ahead of the 2014 Nato summit on September 2, 2014 in Cardiff, Wales (Getty Images)

This move can make Moscow even more unpredictable

At the NATO summit in Warsaw in July the alliance is planning to offer Tbilisi and Kyiv a newly devised status: "associate partnership", as well as a closer cooperation in the Black Sea.

Any attempts of rapprochement between NATO and the former USSR republics, according to analysts, will make Moscow nervous and even more unpredictable.

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Georgia, which was hoping to receive the Membership Acting Plan (MAP) this year in Warsaw, does not conceal its dissatisfaction. However, Tbilisi acknowledges that considering present political realities, the new status of associate partnership will be an important step towards its path to NATO.

"At present we are in the third stage of the integration process- an intensive dialogue, followed by the implementation in Georgia in 2016 of the Partnership for Peace and by an individual partnership. The fourth step will be granting Georgia a MAP," says Vakhtang Maisaya, who previously chaired the department on Georgia-NATO relationships.

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Although the association membership status was established in Brussels recently as a sort of a consolation prize for Georgia instead of the promised MAP, according to Maisaya, it is not just a symbolic step coming from NATO. Full story 


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