: NATO warships arrive in Riga, Latvia (photo gallery)

11:29 Mar. 31, 2016

NATO warships arrive in Riga, Latvia (photo gallery)

NATO warships arrive in Riga (natochannel.tv)

Military alliance steps up presence in Europe in wake of continuing Russian aggression in Ukraine

Three NATO warships in Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1) arrived in Riga recently to promote security in the North and Baltic Seas and show the alliance's solidarity with the Baltic states.

Watch also Phase one of fence construction along the Latvian-Russian border complete

The Baltic states, including Latvia and Lithuania were formerly part of the Soviet Union but since gaining independence they all joined the EU and NATO.

NATO has scrambled fighter jets over the Baltics to intercept Russian plances a record number of times over the last two years.

Photos provided by NATOChannel

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