: Nearly 10,000 Russian regular forces stationed in Donbas - Stratfor analyst

17:35 Apr. 18, 2016

Nearly 10,000 Russian regular forces stationed in Donbas - Stratfor analyst

Russian military personnel move towards a Ukrainian military base on March 19, 2014 in Perevalnoe, Ukraine (Getty Images)

Russian-backed separatist forces keep violating Minsk ceasefire deal

Three or four Russian military brigades, comprising about 10,000 regular servicemen, are currently involved in the hostilities in the Donbas conflict zone.

Nearly 40,000 Russian soldiers are stationed near the Ukraine-Russia border.

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This was reported by Lauren Goodrich. Stratfor, Senior Eurasia Analyst, in her interview with the Ukrainian news outlet ‘Apostrophe'.

"According to our information, Russia has deployed about 40,000 troops near the border with Ukraine. In the meantime, these people stay within the territory of Russia. NATO officials have confirmed this information. However, it is difficult to say exactly how many Russian servicemen are fighting in Donbas. According to recent data, three and four brigades of Russian regular forces are now stationed in eastern Ukraine. It means that about 10,000 Russian servicemen are involved in the hostilities", Goodrich says.

As of March 31, 675 Russian regular servicemen were killed while fighting in the war zone since the conflict broke out.

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