: New patrol police starts working in Chernivtsi, Ukraine
Politics13:30 Mar. 28, 2016

New patrol police starts working in Chernivtsi, Ukraine

One of the officers proposed to his girlfriend during the ceremony

Chernivtsi, a city in western Ukraine now has 340 new patrol police officers. Oleh Yosypiv, the head of the city's new police department hails from a near-by Ivano-Frankivsk. Yosypiv was an active participant in the EuroMaidan revolution. He eventually volunteered to fight at the front in eastern Ukraine.

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Upon returning from the army, Yosypiv joined the ranks of Kyiv's police. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk was on hand to great the newly appointed policemen and women.

Internal Affairs Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov was also present during the swearing in ceremony. The event turned out to be much more than the patrol police oath.

One of the new recruits proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes and gladly accepted the ring.

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