: 'Russia's afraid of radicalism in Ukraine' - Russian ambassador to Belarus

17:37 Jun. 9, 2016

'Russia's afraid of radicalism in Ukraine' - Russian ambassador to Belarus

Russian paramilitaries stand guard outside of a Ukrainian military base in the town of Perevevalne near the Crimean city of Simferopol on March 6, 2014 in Perevevalne, Ukraine. (Getty Images)

Surikov claims Moscow wants to build up defences against 'Ukrainian threat'

Alexander Surikov, Russia's Ambassador to Belarus claims that Russian military facility in Klintsy, Bryansk region, is necessary because "radicalism in Ukraine is going up."

During a press conference in Minsk, Surikov declared: "As I understand we have a problem with the Minsk agreements, and radicalism in Ukraine begins going up again. There, behind the Pravy Sector [rightwing military and political organization], new forces are being formed, more radical." Surikov explained, "a point of war begins to prevail in Ukraine."

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"We do not want it to prevail. If it takes over, we will be able to stop it on the border with Russia. That's it. Preventive measures," the diplomat said. 
He added that the Russian side is worried about the conflict with Ukraine escalating further.

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"Even though it can be weaker than Russia, I don't estimate its military potential, but the measures are preventive," declared the Russian Ambassador.

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