: New York resident gets longest-ever prison term handed down to American for ISIL support
Politics15:33 Mar. 18, 2016

New York resident gets longest-ever prison term handed down to American for ISIL support

Mufid Elfgeeh faces more than twenty years behind bars

New York state resident Mufid Elfgeeh has been sentenced to 22-and-a-half years in prison for trying to recruit fighters to join ISIL.

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The term is the longest ever handed out to an American convicted of supporting the terrorist group. The prosecutor in the case says Elfgeeh fell for ISIS propaganda.

William Hochul, U.S. attorney: "They try to create this false narrative that everyone is in favor of them. And here you have a fellow who at one time, Mufid Elfgeeh, was trying to recruit people, but now thanks to the actions of the F-B-I and arresting him, detaining him, he has time to think about it in jail, and says in open court that in fact 'I used to be one of them and I was wrong' ISIS is a terrible group."

According to a plea agreement, Elfgeeh used Facebook and messaging service WhatsApp to activate a network of ISIL sympathizers in Turkey, Syria and Yemen.

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