: Nord Stream-2 would have "adverse impact" on Eastern Europe – U.S. Secretary of State

13:05 May. 5, 2016

Nord Stream-2 would have "adverse impact" on Eastern Europe – U.S. Secretary of State

Secretary of State John Kerry speaks during the seventh U.S. - E.U. Energy Security Council meeting, during the U.S. Caribbean-Central American Energy Summit, May 4, 2016 in Washington. (AP Photo)

Russia plans to build Baltic undersea gas pipeline to Germany to bypass Ukraine

The development of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline would have negative consequences for the whole Eastern Europe, including Ukraine and Slovakia. The remarks were made by the U.S. State Secretary John Kerry before a meeting with the E.U. High Representative Federica Mogherini in Washington.

Kerry said Russia's planned construction of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline is a "specific issue of deep concern" for both the U.S. and the European Union.

"This project has provoked a very heated debate on both sides of the Atlantic, and we are convinced would absolutely have an adverse impact on Ukraine, on Slovakia, and Eastern Europe," Kerry stated.

"And we cannot lose sight of that," he added.

Earlier European Commission's representatives expressed their disapproval of Kremlin's intended Baltic undersea gas pipeline and said the project cannot be implemented if it does not fully comply with the European legislation.

Russia plans that once Nord Stream-2 becomes operational, Gazprom may close down its gas transit through Ukraine, and through countries like Poland and Slovakia, either completely or partially.

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European politicians think the planned pipeline is against the EU strategy of energy diversification. They say it would not bring additional supplies or reduce Europe's dependency on Russian gas, but instead would lead to the huge losses for the eastern European countries.

One more issue is Russia's real motivation behind the plan. The E.U. debates whether it should regard Nord Stream- 2 as simply an economic project, or as a geopolitical threat.

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