: North Korea tests a solid-rocket fuel engine: N. Korean news agency
Politics15:27 Mar. 24, 2016

North Korea tests a solid-rocket fuel engine: N. Korean news agency

China insists peace talks should be called with USA's participation

North Korea continues rising tensions on the Korean peninsula in spite of the sanctions and calls to stop provocations.

According to the state news agency Pyongyang successfully tested a solid-fuel rocket engine on Thursday, March 24.

Unlike the liquid-fuel rockets these are said to have more advantages in military use. The Defense Ministry of South Korea confirmed and condemned the dangerous launching.

Moon Sang-Gyun, South Korean Defence Ministry spokesman: "North Korea seems to be at the stage of developing solid-fuel rockets. As a matter of security postures, strengthened military readiness posture has been maintained since the North's recent nuclear test on January 6."

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China in spite of being North Korea's closest ally is preoccupied as well with the conflict escalating. Beijing was among the rest of the UN Security Council members who imposed sanctions against Pyongyang. Chinese authorities, though, insist repeatedly no improvement is possible unless there are diplomatic talks with North Korea.

Li Baodong, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister: "We think the Korean peninsula issue should be resolved via dialogue and consultation. On this issue, Presidents Xi and President Obama will have a full exchange of views on those important issues if they have the opportunity."

The collisions between North and South Koreas re-started in January, since Pyongyang began conducting the nuclear tests. In two-month-period the North launched a couple of missiles with their later falling in Japanese sea waters. The U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions against Pyongyang. 

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The North Korean authorities claim the launchings will continue, for the joint American and South Korean military exercises allegedly threaten the North Korea state.


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