Ukraine under attack: Not Quiet on Ukraine's Eastern Front: Kremlin-backed militants launch new attacks
Politics18:12 Aug. 1, 2016

Not Quiet on Ukraine's Eastern Front: Kremlin-backed militants launch new attacks

Recently Russia deployed another convoy of tanks and military equipment to militants in Donbas 

The situation in the Donbas war zone worsens again. Russian-backed troops launch new attacks on Ukrainian positions, using heavy weaponry forbidden by the Minsk agreements.

During the weekend, 10 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded and one soldier was killed.

On July 30, Ukrainian military officials reported that Russia deployed another convoy of ammunition and military equipment to militants in eastern Ukraine.

Still, the towns and villages in the region try to live somewhat normal life. In spite of powerful roar of guns and constant machine-gun firing, locals behave as if nothing special happens. They will have a walk in the parks, children will play in yards. It seems like only animals look for a shelter.

At night, local residents can hear separate, very loud explosions. Those wounded are taken from the frontline to the hospital. All of them suffer minor injures – just missile fragments wounded their arms and legs.

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It is getting quieter only at dawn. Russian-backed separatists fall asleep, and the town wakes up. People get used even to war. The silence lasts for just a couple of hours. Soon, shelling resumes. Life seems to be quite peaceful just several kilometres from the frontline.

Soldiers have a rest and look after their pets. They even help their cats get rid of fleas. Once cats finish grooming, soldiers will sleep for a couple of hours and then come back to their positions. The Ukrainian army is ready for even more attacks.

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On August 2, Russia celebrates the Day of Airborne Troops. Militants usually mark this day with shelling and shootings.

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