Russian Aggression in Ukraine: November the best time for Russia to attack Ukraine

12:16 Nov. 7, 2016

November the best time for Russia to attack Ukraine

Russian ‘volunteer’ fighter attends a military training in the outskirts of Donetsk city on June 29, 2015 (Getty Images)

Former advisor to Putin says Moscow may step up efforts to destabilize Ukraine while the world keeps its wary eye on the U.S. election

While the international attention is totally locked on the U.S. presidential election, Moscow may exploit this chance to further destabilize Ukraine, says Andrey Illarionov – a Russian economist and the former economic policy advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"This November, before and after the 8th of November, is the best situation for destabilization. We understand that the U.S. presidential election is the time when neither American administration, nor the political powers in the U.S. and Europe will care about Ukraine. The world will be focused on the developments in the U.S., and election results," Illarionov said speaking to ‘112 Ukraine' TV channel.

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According to him, the world's attention will be distracted by the elections in the U.S. creating an ideal situation for the Russian Federation "with little or no risk to hold its campaigns in the various countries of the world."

"Just look at what has already been announced - offensive on Aleppo will be resumed on November 8. It is no coincidence that this is the 8th of November - the day of the U.S. elections. It is impossible to say right now what measures and methods may be applied to Ukraine. But the whole arsenal of both conventional and hybrid means is available, they are all well known to us, so one must not rule out anything," said Illarionov.

The Russian expert said that he had no inside information about Kremlin's plans, but added that his fears had been already shared by Ukraine's SBU Security Service.

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