: One man dies in car blast in western Berlin
Politics18:45 Mar. 15, 2016

One man dies in car blast in western Berlin

Police say they are not aware of 'terrorist background' to incident

German police say they are not aware of any "terrorist background" to a car blast in Berlin. They state an explosive device was used but are not providing further information whilst investigations continue.

Michael Merkle, Berlin police spokesperson: "We are already at the stage where we can say that it was an explosive device which was in the car or attached to it. We don't know that yet. The criminal investigators have looked at the car and nothing else that could have been dangerous was found, and therefore the usual crime scene investigation is in progress now."

The explosion killed the man driving the vehicle. Bomb experts are on the scene, police meanwhile are advising residents in the area to stay indoors and keep their windows shut.

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