Elections in occupied Crimea: OSCE will not report on elections in Crimea

20:07 Sep. 19, 2016

OSCE will not report on elections in Crimea

OSCE car near Russian embassy in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Sept. 19 (UNIAN Photo)

OSCE says elections in Russia were transparent. They will not assess situation at occupied territory because of security and other issues

Ukraine does not recognize Russian elections on its occupied territory and calls the OSCE countries to do the same. Verhovna Rada of Ukraine also plans to ask the UN to declare the newly-elected Russian Duma illegitimate.

Meanwhile, the OSCE decided not to send its observing mission to Crimea despite information that Russian authorities threaten Crimeans with firing and lowering wages to make them go and vote. Now the organization says it will not comment on the elections in Crimea in their recent report. Also, OSCE says the parliamentary elections in Russia, despite many flaws, were more transparently administered then the previous votings.

"Representatives of the OSCE monitoring mission will not conduct any operation in annexed Crimea and Sevastopol. The observing mission from the EU countries, apart from the OSCE mission, will also work only within internationally recognized borders of the Russian Federation and won't be represented in Crimea", said Maja Kocijancic, European Commission spokesperson, on September 12.

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"The improved transparency and trust we have seen in the election administration are important steps, yet legal restrictions on basic rights continue to be a problem," Ilkka Kanerva said in Moscow on September 19.

USA, Estonia, Sweden has already declared they will not recognize elections in Crimea as legitimate. The European Union condemned the voting in Crimea and Sevastopol and reinstated that the Union considers Crimea peninsula a Ukrainian territory. 

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