: PACE President welcomes release of Nadiya Savchenko

16:57 May. 25, 2016

PACE President welcomes release of Nadiya Savchenko

Demonstration in support of Savchenko (GettyImages Photo)

Agramunt: cooperation of Russia and Ukraine on pilot's return is key to Minsk deal implementation

PACE President Pedro Agramunt welcomes the release of the Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko from the Russian prison. Agramunt also says Savchenko is invited to attend the next session of the organisation.

"I commend both Russia and Ukraine for making this possible, and I look forward to welcoming her in Strasbourg soon – perhaps even at the next session in June, if her health permits," reads Agramunt's statement published on the official website of the Parliament Assembly of the Council of Europe.

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The PACE President also added that cooperation between Russian and Ukraine on Savchenko's release could be the first step in advancing the implementation of the Minsk deal.

"I hope that both sides can now build on the goodwill that made this possible in order to make further progress on implementing the Minsk agreements", the statement reads.

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Ukrainian pilot and a PACE member Nadiya Savchenko was freed from the Russian prison and returned to Ukraine on May 25. She was swapped for two Russian soldiers, captured and convicted in Ukraine.

Upon arrival in Kyiv, Savchenko thanked everyone for the support and promised to fight for other Ukrainians illegally imprisoned in Russia.

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