Putin playing bold: Plutonium blackmail: Putin demands US pay compensation for his own countersanctions

19:50 Oct. 3, 2016

Plutonium blackmail: Putin demands US pay compensation for his own countersanctions

Putin looking weird (Photo by Il Post)

Putin trades resuming the plutonium accord if US end sanctions, pay compensation for them and for Russia's own countersanctions, and remove troops from Europe

Russia wants the United States to cancel all sanctions and pay compensation for the damage they have caused if Moscow is to resume an agreement on the disposal of weapons-grade plutonium, according to a draft law submitted by President Vladimir Putin on Monday, Reuters report.

Russia also named as conditions for resuming the plutonium accord that Washington repeal its "Magnitsky Act" and that it reduce its military infrastructure and troops in countries that joined the NATO military alliance after Sept. 1, 2000, according to a copy of the draft law posted on the website of Russia's lower house of parliament.

Putin earlier on Monday suspended the plutonium agreement because of what the Kremlin called "unfriendly" acts by Washington.

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Russia's suspension of an agreement on the disposal of weapons-grade plutonium is a signal to Washington that speaking to Russia from a position of force, in the language of sanctions of ultimatums, will not work, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday.

Lavrov added in a statement published on the foreign ministry website that Russia's suspension of the agreement was a "forced measure" and that the way the United States disposes of weapons-grade plutonium does not ensure the irreversibility of its military use.

Nevertheless, he added that Russia was not giving up its responsibilities for nuclear disarmament.

As reported, today the information was discovered that Putin's regime have taken one more political hostage. The new victim is Ukrainian journalist of state-run agency, called ‘intel colonel' by Russian FSB.

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