: Polish Senate calls for recognizing Volyn massacre as genocide
Politics13:06 Jul. 8, 2016

Polish Senate calls for recognizing Volyn massacre as genocide

Document also expresses gratitude to those Ukrainians, who risked lives to save Polish nationals

The Upper Chamber (Senate) of the Polish Parliament has adopted a resolution on recognizing the mass ethnic cleansing of Poles in western Ukraine during the World War II, known as the Volyn massacre, as genocide.

The document has been approved by 60 senators out of 84, Polish news agency Wirtualna Polska reports, according to Yevropeyska Pravda.

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The Senate has proposed to name July 11 "the National Day of the genocide, committed by Ukrainian nationalists against the citizens of the Second Polish Republic".

"It is important that the Senate has adopted the resolution before July 11, the day when we traditionally commemorate the victims of the genocide, committed by the Ukrainian nationalists.  Sadly, the Lower Chamber (Sejm) didn't manage to make the decision in time", a Polish official said.

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The resolution also expresses gratitude to those Ukrainians, who risked their lives to save the Polish nationals. According to the Senate, around 100, 000 Poles died in Volyn. 

Ukrainian historians, while admitting the tragedy, also remind of the thousands of Ukrainians, killed in the massacre as well. 

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