Find Ervin: Posters around Kremlin call for a search of kidnapped Crimean Tatar activist

13:42 Oct. 11, 2016

Posters around Kremlin call for a search of kidnapped Crimean Tatar activist

Human rights activist Ervin Ibragimov (video screenshot)

Activists place dozens of placards with a phrase "Find Ervin" in downtown Moscow 

"Find Ervin!" - call unknown activists throughout Moscow. They fill the city with placards, calling to know more about the kidnapping of Ervin Ibragimov. The link on a poster leads to a website with full information about the disappearing of Ervin Ibragimov.

Human rights activist Ervin Ibragimov was kidnapped on May, 24 in Crimean Bakhchisaray. His car was found left on a road. On May 24, Ibragimov was returning home late in the evening. Apparently, he was stopped by road police. The activist called his father to ask where are the documents for the car. Five minutes later, his phone was switched off. Since then he never was found. 

Several days later someone brought his documents to police, apparently found on the road.

Later the video from CCTV cameras was published. It shows the moment Ibragimov is grabbed by men in traffic police uniform and taken away in a white minivan. 

Crimean prosecutor office says the video of kidnapping is fake. The claim of Ibragimov's relatives concerning his disappearance was taken only three days after the incident. Until now, the investigation showed no results.

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Crimean Tatar Mejlis says the kidnapping is politically motivated. 31-year-old Ervin Ibragimov is a member of regional Mejlis and Executive Committee of World Congress of Crimean Tatars. On May 25, he planned to go to Sudak to take part in a court hearing in a case of activists, detained for a motor rally with Crimean Tatar flags on the Day of Deportation Victims Remembrance. 

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On July 27, activists organised a protest near the Russian embassy in Kyiv. They came with the same demand - to find Ervin Ibragimov and the rest of disappeared Crimean Tatars.

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According to Mejlis statistics, 15 Crimean Tatars, disappeared after peninsula annexation, are still considered gone missing.

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