Hostages of militants: Prisoners' exchange has slowed down since September
Politics17:07 Nov. 22, 2016

Prisoners' exchange has slowed down since September

Ukraine's secret service reports 108 Ukrainians are still held hostage in occupied territories

Relatives of the hostages held in occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions say the last release took place in early September. Some people have been in a captivity for over 2 years, others can hardly be reached.

Olha Morozova has been waiting for her son Oleksandr for almost 2 years. The soldier was caught near Donetsk airport. For a month, he was tortured, then moved to the building of former Ukraine's security service. Periodically, he was even able to call his mum. However, at the beginning of this summer the connection was cut off. The only contact with him is a letter brought by UN representatives who visited captives.

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"Hello, my family. I'm good, alive. Hope to see you soon. Miss you all"

For the past 3 months, there has been no information about him. His mum together with relatives of other captives are tired of looking for answers about their loved ones' release.

"Mum, Ira, dad. I am in Donetsk. We are fed, not beaten. Everything's ok"

After that video message, the father of a captured soldier Oleksiy Kodman went to Donetsk and even managed to see his son.

Serhiy Kodman, captive's father: I was in Donetsk for almost a month but couldn't liberate him.

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Yuriy Tandit, advisor for the head of SBU secret service: There are 108 Ukrainian captives in the occupied territories. We are working on their liberation. Our service knows about the location of 57 people.

The more time passes by, the harder it is for the hostages' relatives to talk about their sons, brothers or husbands who are now in a captivity.

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