Back to the USSR: Pro-Kremlin candidate wins elections in Moldova
Politics11:51 Nov. 14, 2016

Pro-Kremlin candidate wins elections in Moldova

Pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon becomes president-elect in Moldova

Moldovan Socialistic Party's chairman Igor Dodon has become the country's president-elect, the Interfax agency reports. 

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According to figures provided the Central electoral commission, Dodon earned 52,29% of votes, while his rival Maiya Sandu got 47,71%.

The presidential elections in Moldova were held on November 13, and over 1,5 million voters cast their ballots, with the turnout of little more that 53%. 

Moldova's president-elect Igor Dodon is considered a strict pro-Russian politician. His electoral programme includes a pledge to restore a strategic cooperation with Russia. Dodon's first visit abroad is planned to be made to Moscow. 

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On Monday, Igor Dodon made a stand for federalization of Moldova and called the withdrawal of the Russian troops from Transnistria a provocation. 

"I think that some Moldovan politicians' and ministers' call for a green corridor for troops on Transnistria were an overt provocation. My position remains unchanged. We must deliver a special territorial status for Transnistrian region. I am openly standing for and supporting the idea of federalization of the country. I think, this is the only way," he said for the Russia 24 TV channel. 

To resolve a problem of the unrecognised pro-Russian separative region, Dodon offers to wait for the local election results, starting negotiations as early as next year. 

Also, Igor Dodon claimed he would strive for the pre-term parliamentary election in Moldova, as the current parliament stays strictly opposed towards his pro-Kremlin programme. Commenting his intentions, the president-elect Dodon claims himself a truly popularly elected president who is morally entitled to demand changes in a greater degree. 

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Igor Dodon also called the EU-Moldova association agreement "a mistake" and spoke out for a strategic partnership with Russia instead. 

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