: Protesters set up gallows and burn tires outside Ukrainian President's office
Politics19:01 Apr. 8, 2016

Protesters set up gallows and burn tires outside Ukrainian President's office

Activists demand purging the government

On April 8, dozens of Ukrainian protesters rallied outside Kyiv's building of the Presidential Administration (on Bankova street).

They demanded corrupt officials and separatists be dismissed from their senior positions in law enforcement agencies across Ukrainian regions.

Automaidan activists were allegedly involved in organizing the protests (later the Automaidan's official Facebook page posted a statement saying that they had nothing to do with the protests outside the Presidential office on April 8). 

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The activists said that reforms in Ukraine were not implemented because corrupt officials continued to retain their positions. The protesters demanded that President Poroshenko address them outside.

They lit car tires on fire and brought along a pickup van with the gallows symbolizing the procedure of purging the government. Clashes between Ukrainian police and protesters broke out as the policemen tried to put out the burning tires.  

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(UNIAN Photo) 

Video footage and images posted by eye-witnesses on social networks show numerous policemen forming cordon at the Presidential Administration's building to block the protesters.

Earlier in the day, farmers rallied outside the Cabinet of Ministers, demanding milk purchase prices be increased. The farmers brought along some cows and 'walked them' outside the government building. 


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