News from Crimea: Putin behind Russia's provocations in Crimea: Crimean Tatar leader

10:53 Aug. 27, 2016

Putin behind Russia's provocations in Crimea: Crimean Tatar leader

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a meeting in Volgograd, Russia, Monday, Aug. 15, 2016 (AP Photo)

After these events began, there were no contacts between Russian and Ukrainian Presidents, Chubarov says

Head of Crimean Tatar Mejlis and Ukrainian MP Refat Chubarov stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind Russia's provocations in Crimea.

"Referring to a pre-arranged provocation, he stated that the 'Normandy Four' format would not be effective because Ukraine was acting as a terrorist state. It is us, on our land!" Chubarov said in an interview to Ukrainian TV Channel 5.

"As far as I know, after these events began, there were no contacts between the Russian president and the president of Ukraine. And Putin's talk about the alleged provocation was rude and arrogant. It is understandable that our president has denied all these allegations and said that Russia has been looking for a pretext for more subversive actions, possibly for stronger military aggression. According to sources, contacts between administrations of the two presidents have been frozen," Chubarov said.

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He added that following those attempted provocations he made a statement that "Putin has provided a good chance for us, as Ukraine, to reconsider our vision and our expectations from any dialogues and any formats between Ukraine and the West, between Ukraine, the West and Russia."

"I believed that now we do not have to demonstrate our commitments to some Western politicians, who demand that we deal with the problems caused by the Russian war against Ukraine," the Crimean Tatars leader said.

Reporting by UNIAN

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