From Russia with love: Putin congratulates pro-Russian president-elect of Moldova, invites him to Moscow

11:44 Nov. 15, 2016

Putin congratulates pro-Russian president-elect of Moldova, invites him to Moscow

People walk under a huge flag of Moldova during a protest outside the electoral authority headquarters in Chisinau (AP photo)

After Dodon's pledge to restore relations with Russia, Putin says he's ready to embrace cooperation with Moldova again

Russia's president Vladimir Putin congratulated the Moldovan president-elect Igor Dodon on his victory at the country's elections, the UNIAN agency reports. 

"The president of Russia expressed an aspiration towards the functional dialogue and active mutual work on the development of the Russia-Moldova relations in accordance with provisions of the Treaty of friendship and cooperation, the fifteenth anniversary of which is celebrated this year,"the Kremlin press service noted. 

Also, Putin invited Dodon to visit Russia. 

The presidential elections in Moldova were held on November 13. According to figures provided the Central electoral commission, Dodon earned 52,29% of votes, while his rival Maiya Sandu got 47,71%.

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Igor Dodon is considered a strict pro-Russian politician. His electoral programme includes a pledge to restore a strategic cooperation with Russia. Dodon's first visit abroad was planned to be made to Moscow. 

On Monday, Igor Dodon made a stand for federalization of Moldova and called the withdrawal of the Russian troops from Transnistria a provocation. To resolve a problem of the unrecognised pro-Russian separative region, Dodon offers to wait for the local election results, starting negotiations as early as next year. 

He called the EU-Moldova association agreement "a mistake" and spoke out for a strategic partnership with Russia instead. 

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Also, he claimed he would strive for the pre-term parliamentary election in Moldova, as the current parliament stays strictly opposed towards his pro-Kremlin programme. Commenting his intentions, the president-elect Dodon claims himself a truly popularly elected president who is morally entitled to demand changes in a greater degree. 

Thousands of people marched protesting in the Moldovian capital Chisinau on Monday, November 14th, expressing their discontent with the results of the recent presidential elections. 

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