: 'Putin doesn't want democracy in neighbouring states' - Freedom House ex-president

16:06 Apr. 15, 2016

'Putin doesn't want democracy in neighbouring states' - Freedom House ex-president

David Kramer (UNIAN Photo)

David Kramer says Putin is not interested in world stability 

Vladimir Putin is not interested in world stability. Under his Presidency Russia "walks over" the common norms and rules established in the modern states.

This is according to David Kramer, the ex-President of Freedom House and current Senior Director for Human Rights at the McCain Institute.

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"Russia's activity in Ukraine is a threat. They prevent the Syrian conflict from resolving by blocking the UN resolutions, supporting Assad and intervening military. They are not interested in any stability at all", said Kramer during the IX security summit in Kyiv.

He also mentions the situation in Ukraine's neighbours.

"Kremlin is conducting an aggressive policy against Georgia, Moldova, Estonia. Putin's authoritarian regime doesn't want to allow democracy in the neighbouring countries", concluded Kramer.

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In February 2015 David Kramer said U.S. President Barack Obama "made his biggest mistake" by deciding not to send arms to Ukraine.

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