Normandy Four meeting: 'Putin got shorter' – Ukraine MP on Normandy meeting

14:16 Oct. 21, 2016

'Putin got shorter' – Ukraine MP on Normandy meeting

Russian President Vladimir Putin (GettyImages Photo)

Ukrainian lawmaker Iryna Friz on why Berlin session brought positive results for Kyiv

The latest meeting of the Normandy Four in Berlin has brought positive results of Ukraine's new ‘more aggressive' tactics. President Poroshenko didn't let up on his principle and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin was forced to give into several Kyiv's demands.

This opinion belongs to Ukrainian Member of Parliament Iryna Friz.

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‘First, Putin agreed upon the road map, which had previously been dismissed. Second, Putin was forced to agree upon (attention!) the armed OSCE police mission to Donbas. This is a serious tactical victory for Ukraine', Friz posted on Facebook.  

She said that armed police would take control of the border, and won't be ‘afraid of every shot, because they'll be able to shoot back'.

‘Third, Putin was unavailing and Ukraine didn't let up on the issue of elections: first the withdrawal of foreign troops, release of prisoners and other security conditions, and then elections. Poroshenko didn't shift from his earlier statements, not a single bit.'

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Summarizing the meeting, Friz praised the fact that four new areas are discussed where the withdrawal of troops is possible.

‘Russia will have to abide by Minsk too', she concluded. ‘The overall impression of the meeting – Putin got even shorter'. 


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