Annexation of Crimea: Putin says Crimea not annexed by Russia, but 'reunified' - RFE/RL

11:14 Sep. 17, 2016

Putin says Crimea not annexed by Russia, but 'reunified' - RFE/RL

Pro-Russian rally in Crimea (AP Photo)

Russian President: Coup in Kyiv was 'root cause' for Crimea's separation from Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow did not annex the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in 2014 but claimed it was "reunified" with Russia.

Putin said at a Commonwealth of Independent States summit in the Kyrgyz capital on September 16 that actions by the Ukrainian government were the "root cause" for what happened to Crimea.

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"Russia did not annex anything," he said, in response to comments made by Ukrainian Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Mikolay Doroshenko. "Whatever happened with Crimea is the result of unlawful actions of certain political forces in Ukraine who had brought the situation to a state coup."

Doroshenko, who represented Ukraine at the CIS summit in Bishkek, raised objections to two items on the bloc's agenda, including handing CIS presidency to Russia because he said Moscow's annexation of Crimea had breached international laws.

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