Nuclear tensions: Years later Putin slams his propagandist's nuclear threats

13:26 Oct. 28, 2016

Years later Putin slams his propagandist's nuclear threats

Dmitry Kiselyov (UNIAN Photo)

Russian journalist Dmitry Kiselyov earlier claimed that Russia is the only country that could turn the US into 'radioactive ash

Russia doesn't support the aggressive rhetoric of the country's controversial TV host Dmitry Kiselyov, who is often named the ‘Kremlin's chief propagandist'.

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In March, 2014, Mr. Kiselyov, who is also deputy director of Russian state TV holding company VGTRK, delivered a grandiose statement in his show, saying that Russia is the only country that is capable of turning the United States into ‘radioactive ash'.

Two and a half years later Putin finally reacted to the statement. 

‘Rattling nuclear weapons is the last thing to do, it's harmful rhetoric and I don't welcome it', Putin said, according to Russian news agency Slon.

He said that Russia will adhere to balanced rhetoric in the future, ‘despite the allegations that often emerge at different levels'.

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After the Kremlin annexed Crimea, Moscow has been repeatedly criticized for increasing tensions by parading its nuclear weapons.

The latest incident occurred after Russia reportedly brought its nuclear-capable missiles to Kaliningrad.

The move triggered strong concern in Poland and the Baltic states. 

Source: (in Russian) 

Video by Russia Insider

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