: Remembering the Battle of Kruty
Politics15:17 Mar. 20, 2016

Remembering the Battle of Kruty

Passing trains will toot in memory of the nearly 300 students, cadets, boys killed in 1918

Ukrainians killed during the Battle of Kruty in 1918 will be honoured every day, thanks to a new initiative. Trains passing the main memorial in Chernihiv region will sound their horns at 9 am and 6 pm daily, to commemorate those who prevented the Bolsheviks advancing on Kyiv during the Ukrainian-Soviet war. Hundreds of people came to mark the occasion.

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Serhiy Butko, Ukrainian Memory Institute in Chernihiv region: "This is a national idea - not just one from activists but also officers and representatives of the police who made events marking the battle of Kruty safe and secure. Yesterday we received our official answer that this will be the new tradition."

Previously, the tradition of trains sounded their horn was only observed on 29 January - the anniversary of the battle. Back in 1918, nearly 300 students, cadets and even school boys were killed in fighting, trying to fend off the regular Russian Red Army.

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