News from: Republicans vs Democrats: US elections and their impact on Ukraine
Politics19:07 Aug. 1, 2016

Republicans vs Democrats: US elections and their impact on Ukraine

If the Republican candidate wins, Kyiv will have to confront Russia on its own, experts say

"I'm gonna take a look at it," US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told ABC's This Week. "But you know, the people of Crimea, from what I've heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were. And you have to look at that, also."

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Where does anti-Ukrainian and pro-Russian rhetoric of Donald Trump come from? American experts say, his advisor Paul Manafort is behind it, the one who used to work with ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.

The name Manafort is well known among Washington lobbyists and experts. He consulted many presidents, including Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush the elder. Ukrainians know him as an advisor to the ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and his Party of Regions. Manafort conducted two parliamentary and one presidential campaign for them.

The advisor joined Trump's camp in spring. The effect quickly became obvious. Republicans rewrote their political platform and Kyiv will not obtain the US military aid if Trump wins.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA Valery Chaly is not concerned with the situation. He discussed it with a prominent Republican ideologist. Chaly says the turnaround could even be for the better. 

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Valery Chaly, Ukraien's Ambassador to the US: "I think it is much better for us that this situation exists than it does not. Now we have an open, very serious discussion, the candidate's headquarters show their interest, and many Republicans discuss the issue. Many people already voiced their opinions against this position. I think the story will be continued."

Democrats still do not demonstrate a firm position on the Ukrainian issue. Experts say Ukraine could benefit from personal dislike between Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin. Both Democratic and Republican experts agree – Hillary Clinton is the only one who could hold the sanctions against Russia in winter.

The political debates look like a battle of promises and views to many Americans. However, for Ukraine it is a different story. If the Republican candidate wins, Kyiv will have to confront Russia on its own. The Democratic candidate's victory means political and military support for Ukraine.

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