: Right Sector leader and MP Dmytro Yarosh appointed to Ukrainian government
Politics17:09 Apr. 6, 2015

Right Sector leader and MP Dmytro Yarosh appointed to Ukrainian government

Yarosh leads volunteer battalion who have been fighting alongside regular Ukrainian forces

Right Sector nationalist politician and volunteer battalion leader Dmytro Yarosh has been appointed to Ukraine's Defence Ministry. Yarosh is to be an advisor to Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Viktor Muzhenko, according to the ministry. 

A Ukrainian army spokesman said Yarosh will act as a link between the volunteer battalions and the General Staff and that the eventual goal is to integrate the volunteer battalions into the armed forces.

Right Sector has been informally providing troops to fight alongside Ukrainian soldiers in the ongoing conflict with Russian-backed militants in east Ukraine. 

43-year-old Yarosh gained a cult following after calling for a national revolution during the EuroMaidan protests. Last year he was elected to the Ukrainian parliament after winning a seat in Dnipropetrovsk.


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