: Russia at advantage over U.S. and entire West - Estonian FM

12:27 May. 5, 2016

Russia at advantage over U.S. and entire West - Estonian FM

Victory Day parade in Russia (GettyImages Photo)

Marina Kaljurand claims "Putin has masterfully played European states against each other"

Russia is at an advantage not only over Europe but also the United States. President Putin's activity in eastern Ukraine and Crimea leaves the West "overpowered".

This loud statement belongs to Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Marina Kaljurand.

"Putin overpowered the E.U. by occupying Crimea in our immediate vicinity. While we knew what to expect after Georgia, we did not know how to react", the Minister says.

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Kaljurand adds, Russia's involvement in Syria makes the situation "especially complicated and confusing". The Kremlin has achieved its goal "to make European states splinter from each other". NATO, however, remains much more united than the E.U.

"I don't think that Putin would try to use the Syrian conflict to help break up NATO, but naturally Putin would love to see NATO splinter just as Russia has masterfully played various E.U. states against one another", claims the Minister.

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The refugee crisis, caused by the Syrian war, has led to a rise of extreme right-wing populists in the European Union, which have received support from the Kremlin. But the E.U. will continue to accept the migrants . "Europe is not losing its humanity, as we are accepting those who are fleeing from war", Kaljurand underlines.

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