: Russia is the biggest threat to world security - Polish defence minister

13:19 Jun. 16, 2016

Russia is the biggest threat to world security - Polish defence minister

Polish Minister of Defence Antoni Macierewicz attends a press conference on June 9, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland. (GettyImages)

No other country in the past decades burst out so many armed conflicts like in Georgia or Ukraine

Russia is the key threat for world's peace and security. This is according to Poland's Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz.

"I concur with the opinion Russia is really a country with a completely different structure than countries of Western civilization, a country with a deep belief that no norms developed outside its territory are binding for Russia itself", said Macierewicz replying to questions during a debate.

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The minister claims Russian state discerns a lot from the Western civilization model, thus, striving for different goals based on other standards. Russian officials, adds Macierewicz, are convinced foreign values and moral standards are unacceptable and unsuitable to be implemented in Russia.

"Not everyone understands this otherness of Russia," Poland's defence minister remarked. "This is why credulous politicians and governments systematically make mistakes in their efforts to establish good diplomatic ties with Kremlin. Unlike any other country in the world, during the last decades Russia has severely undermined the world peace order. Russian troops invaded Georgia in 2008, in 2014 they occupied a part of a sovereign independent state, and now Kremlin keeps on stimulating the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine," stressed Macierewicz.

As reported earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the Alliance would deploy additional battalions in the east amid growing concern over Russian encroachment.

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