: Russia calls PACE resolution for Savchenko 'double-standard'
Politics15:25 Apr. 22, 2016

Russia calls PACE resolution for Savchenko 'double-standard'

PACE members insist on establishin sanctions list against those involved in Ukrainians' kidnapping

PACE resolution on Savchenko's case is an example of European double standards, this is according to the Russian Foreign Ministry's Human Rights Representative Konstantin Dolgov. The official states the PACE deputies deliberately ignore the fact Savchenko has been found guilty of killing two Russian journalists.

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On Thursday, April 21st, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution insisting captured Ukrainian pilot must be released along with the other Ukrainians kept in Russia. PACE deputies suggest the member countries should launch sanctions against people involved in kidnapping Nadiya Savchenko and her further prosecution.

Supposed restrictions include banning the entrance to Europe and blocking the bank accounts. PACE members state the countries should decide on the black list candidacies on their own, adding the same sanction lists concerning the illegal prosecution other Ukrainians kept in Russia should be established as well.

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