World conflicts: Russia, China, US: Are WW3 and Cold War 2 on the cards?

16:42 Oct. 15, 2016

Russia, China, US: Are WW3 and Cold War 2 on the cards?

A Soviet ballistic missile rolls by the Kremlin during a parade celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. (GettyImages Photo)

Tensions mounting as superpowers clash over world conflicts 

Terror attacks and domestic issues are fuelling distrust and fears that the world is on the brink of World War III are growing by the day, according to an article by 

While the world is no doubt a dangerous place at the moment, how worried should we really be about war breaking out on a global scale?

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University of New South Wales (Canberra) Professor Greg Austin said we have every reason to be alarmed with rising tensions across the Middle East, the Korean peninsula and Ukraine.

'Russia and China are co-operating over the Korean peninsula but the bad sign here is they are doing a Trump by trying to make things great again. The other big concern is Ukraine, which even though the stand-off is stable, Russia remains intent on punishing its government,' he said.

Writing in the Independent's Voices section, Deputy Managing Editor Sean O'Grady argues the world is facing a dangerous and potentially devastating second Cold War.

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'The question is whether all the present (relatively) little wars could actually mutate into, or trigger, a real superpower conflict involving the US, Russia and China, at the least,' he writes.

There's no doubt Russia is extending its military reach.

Strategic forecasting and global intelligence company Statfor, Russia is reportedly considering restoring Soviet-era bases in Egypt, Vietnam and Cuba.

Its latest Geopolitical Diary blog said Russia's intentions remained fairly clear.

'When locked in a multi-theatre confrontation with the United States, what better way for the Russian bear to trample the US security umbrella than with a growing military footprint?'

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