Ukraine-Russia Crimea Standoff: Russia deploys anti-air system in Crimea ahead of Ukraine's drills (video)
Politics12:12 Nov. 30, 2016

Russia deploys anti-air system in Crimea ahead of Ukraine's drills (video)

Russia could be plotting a major provocation say volunteers  

In the afternoon of November 29, movement of Russian military convoys was recorded in the Crimean city of Kerch.

Activists of the open-source intelligence "InformNapalm" community identified S-300VM "Antey-2500" anti-aircraft missile system among other military equipment spotted in military convoys moving across the occupied Crimean peninsula.

According to the activists, deployment of the anti-aircraft complex may be associated with an attempt to disrupt the Ukrainian missile tests over the Black Sea, scheduled for December 1-2.


InformNapalm warned that the appearance of the S-300VM in Crimea, directly ahead of the missile tests scheduled by the Ukrainian side, suggest that Russia is considering two possible scenarios: to shoot down a Ukrainian missile; or to stage a provocation involving downing of a passenger plane and blaming Ukraine's missile tests.



The S-300VM "Antey-2500" [NATO reporting name SA-23 GladiatorGiant] is a Russian anti-ballistic missile system, designed to defeat short- and medium-range ballistic missile, aeroballistic, and cruise missiles, fixed-wing aircraft, as well as loitering ECM platforms and precision-guided munitions.

The activists report that the system is also designed to engage hi end warplanes, including those constructed with "Stealth" technology.

Source: UNIAN, InformNapalm

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