News from Donbas: Russia has increased amounts of military hardware in Donbas by 10 times since invasion

17:44 Aug. 26, 2016

Russia has increased amounts of military hardware in Donbas by 10 times since invasion

A Pro-Russian rebels tank is driven at speed in the town of Luhansk, eastern Ukraine, Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014 (AP photo)

Ukrainian intelligence officers repeatedly report on Kremlin deploying more weapons and troops to Donbas 

Donbas sees a tenfold increase in military equipment deployed by Russia, the aggressor country, as compared to 2014.

An amount of military hardware grew by over 20 times in some areas of eastern Ukraine.

Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euroatlantic Integration published the graphics of Ukraine's General Staff on Facebook.

"For more than two years, several districts in Ukraine's two regions have been war-stricken. Russia has ignited the flames of war and fuelled the conflict, sparing neither resources nor human lives. This infographic shows how much Russia spends on killing Ukrainians who want to live free." reads the statement.

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According to the General Staff: 

- a number of Russian tanks in militant-occupied territories in eastern Ukraine increased by 20 times since 2014 - from 30 to 600 items;

- a number of armoured combat vehicles increased by 10 times - to 1,260 items;

- a number of artillery projectiles and multiple launch rocket systems increased by 10 times - up to 1,060 items;

- a number of air defence units also increased by 10 times - up to 470 items. 


10,000 Ukrainians were killed by ‘Russian-terrorist forces' over the past two years, since the conflict in the Donbas region broke out, recently reported Ukraine's Defence Council. More than 20,000 have been wounded and 1.8 million forced to flee their homes.

Three or four Russian military brigades, comprising about 10,000 regular servicemen, are currently involved in the hostilities in the Donbas conflict zone. Nearly 40,000 Russian soldiers are stationed near the Ukraine-Russia border, according to Stratfor analysts.

According to Ukraine's Intelligence Department, the militant group keeps increasing near the (Ukrainian) border. By 2018, the (Russian) contingent will consist of about 70,000 troops, Ukrainian officials say.

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