Global Troublemaker: Russia is not a superpower, but a superproblem - Lithuania's FM

14:19 Oct. 27, 2016

Russia is not a superpower, but a superproblem - Lithuania's FM

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Linas Linkevicius attends a panel named 'Facing New Challenges to Regional Security' in Warsaw, Poland on October 26, 2016 (Getty Images)

Linas Linkevicius focuses on security challenges at a Warsaw Security Forum panel

The European Union and NATO should timely react and respond to the aggressive actions of Russia, while in recent years, such steps were mostly delayed.

Such a statement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevicius at one of the panels of the Warsaw Security Forum.

"When we talk about the problem countries, Russia comes to mind first, but not as a super power, but as a superproblem. It is important to react timely and not wait until it is too late, which sometimes happens. It concerns not only Lithuania but all other countries and world safety in general. It is about the values we stand for," Linkevicius said.

Lithuania's top diplomat reminded that except EU's internal problems, such as migration and Brexit, there are external threats, including wars in eastern Ukraine and Syria.

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"While we are holding meetings, summits and shake hands people in Aleppo are dying. We have to think about 21st-century civilization. Why is it happening? Are we capable of doing something, or can only condemn and express our deep concern?" he said.

"We are speaking about the situation in Aleppo, but the same things happened in Ukraine. Somebody is trying to redraw the borders. And this is not for the first time, we have seen it in Georgia in 2008," the minister added.

The Warsaw Security Forum is one of the most important events in Poland, which addresses regional security policy issues. The Forum is annually attended by a number of prominent politicians, diplomats, journalists and experts who specialize in foreign and security policy.

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