: Russia puts pressure on UN member states ahead of voting on Ukraine issues

12:20 Jun. 30, 2016

Russia puts pressure on UN member states ahead of voting on Ukraine issues

Ukraine's U.N. Ambassador Volodymyr Yelchenko (AP photo)

Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko says many of his colleagues find themselves under Russia's dictation 

Russian representatives at the UN Security Council exert pressure on the other members of the organization during the voting of motions related to Ukraine, according to Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the UN Volodymyr Yelchenko. 

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In an interview with Leviy Bereg online outlet, Volodymyr Yelchenko noted that today, the Minsk talks do not bring any progress in resolving the conflict in Donbas and expressed hope for further important decisions of a Normandy Quartet.

"Unfortunately, there is no such progress. Although I hope that important decisions will be taken at a meeting in the Normandy format in the near future," said Yelchenko.

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The diplomat also spoke about the pressure the Russian delegation puts at the UN Security Council on other members of the organization.

"Plus there is plain pressure from Russia. You can feel it every time when an issue is being voted which contains some ‘Ukrainian elements.' Many colleagues come up to me afterwards and say: you cannot imagine how the Russians pressure us, forcing us not to come [to a voting], or vote as they want us to, or say something particular… But here we are. Don't take it as a negative thing. It's rather a positive thing, as we were asked not to come to this meeting, but we have, anyway; we remained silent though… That's their position," he said.

Reporting by UNIAN

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