Get ready: Russia 'ready to strike Aleppo militants within hours'

19:44 Nov. 8, 2016

Russia 'ready to strike Aleppo militants within hours'

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov seen in the Barents Sea (AP photo)

Recent moratorium on sorties for Russian aviation in Aleppo has reportedly ended

The Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" jets and the Northern Fleet vessels in the Mediterranian are getting ready to strike a blow upon the city of Aleppo, the Interfax agency reports, referring to its military sources. 

"Admiral Kuznetsov's deck-based aviation and battleships armed with high-precision weapons are getting ready to strike blows on the militants on the outskirts of Aleppo. The strikes will be dealt upon the distant outskirts of the city. Militants' attempts to break free from inside are senseless", the agency's source said. 

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Russian maritime aviation will also hold exercises near the Greek island of Rhodos on November 9th, the Greek authorities inform. 

Russia has been providing air support for Syrian pro-government troops trying to recapture the rebel-held eastern part of Aleppo since September 19. According to the UN figures, Russian air strikes claimed at least several thousand civilian lives. France and Germany both called Russia's indiscriminate bombardments a war crime. 

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