: Russia regularly violates Ukraine's airspace, officials do not react
Politics19:31 Aug. 4, 2016

Russia regularly violates Ukraine's airspace, officials do not react

Russian pilots allegedly ask for permission to cross Ukrainian air borders to bypass thunderstorm 

Russian planes violate Ukrainian air borders. Despite being banned to enter Ukraine's air space, numerous passenger liners heading from southern Europe ignore the prohibition.

Any plane in the sky may be easily detected, since anyone using a phone, Internet, and simple software may detect the roundabouts of any plane in the sky. Those who professionally deal with the issue, have noticed Russia violating Ukrainian air borders entering its airspace.

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For the last week of July there have been at least four Russian passenger planes located, mostly marked with "Aeroflot" name, heading from Greek sea resorts to Moscow.  According to Ukrainian State Air Traffic Service Enterprise, no fact may be considered as violation, since it does not contradict the official documents. 

"All the cases mentioned are connected with the weather conditions. Russian planes are allowed to temporarily enter our air space in order to secure the passengers. This complies with the protocol adopted by Flight Security Council," says Oleh Kryzhanovskyi, an air traffic specialist.

Each and every time Russian pilots report they are to avoid thunderstorm. Ukrainian flying control officers have no right to deny the request, even if there is no storm detected on their monitors, since the passengers' security is of highest priority. The members of the flying control service staff suppose Russians thus may save up to 500 kg of fuel, though it is impossible to figure out and later prove.

"Everyone may lie, but we have no means to discover whether they say the truth or not. If we once assume Russians are lying and get wrong, there will be neither judicial discharge for us, nor moral acquittal," Kryzhanovskyi says.

The representatives of numerous Ukrainian air lines are unpleasantly surprised with the deeds of the controlling institution. They say they also face additional expenditures to fly round Russia. When heading to Asia or Caucasus region, Ukrainian pilots are to additionally spend in average an hour in order to fly round Russia. Nevertheless, no single case of lie has been reported so far.

Yuriy Miroshnikov, director of Ukraine International Airlines: "We've had several situations so far. Our pilots had to make an urgent landing in Odesa while heading from Kazakhstan to Ukraine because of strong wind. Earlier it took three hours to fly from Astana to Kyiv, now it is nearly six, since we do not cross Russia's air borders. It is a good deal of money, but we do not lie for saving time and fuel."

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When following the rules banning to enter Ukrainian air space, Russian airlines are to spend an additional hour on their way to Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, and Italy. In view of huge expenditures Russia's Minister of transport has already hinted he is willing the sanctions to be cancelled. Ukrainian officials answer they are ready to discuss the issue if Russia officially requests for it, since it has once initiated this confrontation.

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