Illegal Kremlin's Trucks: Russia's new 'humanitarian' convoy arrives half-empty

11:58 Oct. 27, 2016

Russia's new 'humanitarian' convoy arrives half-empty

Trucks of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry being unloaded at the Don Rescue Cente (Getty Images)

Moscow again sends its trucks to eastern Ukraine in violation of internationally accepted procedures

Russia's 57th so-called humanitarian convoy has illegally crossed the Ukrainian border.

In total 46 trucks, allegedly carrying aid for the citizens of the devastated Donbas region, came to Ukraine through Russian border checkpoints of "Matveev Kurgan" and "Donetsk."

Ukrainian Border Guard Service spokesman Oleh Slobodian said Russia traditionally violated all existing international norms and standards provided for sending humanitarian cargos.

Ukrainian interdepartmental group was not allowed to perform any control functions, and only observed the clearance procedures visually.

"A characteristic feature of this ‘aid convoy' was that trucks for the nth time came half-empty. This once again confirms the pretentiousness of this ‘aid' and, indeed populism of this action," said the Border Guard Service representative.

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He added that only 35 vehicles contained some cargo while other 9 trucks came as escort vehicles.

Moscow claims it only transports food and medical supplies while Ukrainian authorities note every time a convoy crosses the border, the Russian-backed separatist forces increase their attacks.

Kyiv suspects that the white-painted trucks are used to bring weapons, munitions and anti-tank grenades as well as to take back to Russia bodies of killed servicemen and mercenaries.

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